Environmental policy

The main object of activity of AP Retail I is the real estate management, mediation and other services, related to real estate and investor activity in real estate.

The top management of AP Retail I places the environmental protection among its basic priorities in response to the global tendency of modern society for achievement of sustainable development.

We accept the environmental responsible management as leading objective of our basic activities, while making continuous efforts to reduce the unfavorable impact of the activity of AP Retail I on the environment. In order to achieve this we commit ourselves to observe the following basic principles:

  • Compliance with the applicable requirements of Bulgarian and European current legislation in the area of the environmental protection and other requirements to which the organization subscribes in a documented way and which refer to the organization’s environmental aspects;
  • Paramount importance of the environmental management in our efforts to achieve sustainable development – development of policies, investment programs and practices of management of business processes in environmentally consistent way, for continual reduction and prevention of environmental pollution, caused by organization’s activities and products;
  • Informing workers and employees on the organization’s environmental and their individual role and responsibility in the implementation of the objectives. Increasing of their interest in the environment protection problems and motivating them for environmentally responsible behavior;
  • Continual improvement of our ecological behavior through performance evaluation and application of the best possible practices, complying with the legal requirements, our financial and technological capacity, expectations of our customers and public expectations;
  • Permanent process control ensuring timely initiating of preventive and corrective actions;
  • Preliminary evaluation of possible environmental impacts, prior to starting each new activity or project in order to achieve lasting environmental effect of investment;
  • Development of energy efficient production, minimization of waste generation, optimization of the resources used;
  • Placing environmental protection requirements to suppliers, customers and other interested parties;
  • Providing resources for development, maintenance and continual improvement of the Environmental management system effectiveness;

Publicity of the environmental policy – it will be available to our business partners, workers, employees and the public in general.

Date 06.02.2010

Environmental Policy