Tavex Group is the largest investment gold dealer in Northern Europe and the largest currency exchange provider outside of the banking sector. We have won multiple awards including Best Employer of the Year. The company has over 100 employees with offices in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Bulgaria.
• Our mission is to provide locals with travel currency at a fair price in order to avoid cheating travelers in the country of destination and to offer a more favorable alternative to bankcards with their hidden expenses.
• Our mission is to convert currency in accounts and in cash, thereby diminishing the potential for banks aiming to monopolize and dictate service fees for currency exchange services.
• Our mission is to offer money transfers and express transfers between the countries we have offices.
• Our mission is to offer every person a chance to preserve their assets partially in gold or in silver by purchasing and selling them at a fair brokerage. The value of gold has not been affected by monetary reforms, bank crashes or coups for a thousand years.