SALT ME are the largest chain of salt rooms in Bulgaria. Salt rooms are places for adults and children in which pure (medical) sodium chloride or figuratively speaking pure salt is breathed. This salt is medicinal because it is used in infusion medicine, ie it is without any agents, additives and impurities.

SALT ME rooms, also called halo chambers, are covered with high-quality natural salt. The decor is fabulous to create an atmosphere that is not typical for the environment in the busy everyday life.

The therapy is carried out by means of a generator, injecting dry aerosol medical salt or more sodium chloride. You are required to simply breathe and enjoy the unusually clean air.

Is salt therapy useful for children?

Not only is it useful, but it will even significantly improve their health.

Children are often sensitive to pollution and allergens, especially in big cities with heavy traffic. Their reflexes for managing secretions such as “blowing” and “coughing” are not fully developed. Seizure retention

is a prerequisite for the development of bacterial infections. Salt therapy in a controlled environment is an exceptional solution for dealing with persistent, long-lasting and annoying problems at a young age.

In the salt room SALT ME

Your children will enjoy playing in a large “sandbox” because the floor in our salt rooms is filled with an “enviable” amount of sea salt (one of the means of maintaining an antibacterial and sterile environment in the premises) and a bunch of toys listening to cheerful children songs. And instead of begging them, they will look forward to the next meeting with us.

Benefits of inhaling pure sodium chloride:

CLEAN LUNGS With its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and mucoregulatory effect, halotherapy helps to expectorate secretions and the proper functioning of the respiratory system


Salt therapy helps lower the level of IgE, a measure of antibodies that is often high in people with allergies. This makes the skin less reactive to allergens. Salt spray particles help cleanse the skin of bacterial infections and reduce swelling, thus improving circulation to the skin surface.


Improves the overall health and defenses of the body by reducing stress, neutralizing free radicals and improving the functioning of the body.