RESERVED is a leading brand under the umbrella of the Polish fashion giant LPP.S.A.

The brand offers fashion and latest clothing, not only for ladies and gentlemen, but also for adolescents and children.

RESERVED-THEMALL, so far is the biggest store in Bulgaria and as such seeks to diversify and stock up with up-to-date goods every three weeks.

The collections are inspired by the latest international fashion trends and represent a variety of slim and stylish cuts to interesting and challenging models for customers who are looking for quality at an affordable price.

In addition to clothes, fashion lines of jeans, underwear and wide range of accessories and shoes are available in the shops.




Boho avant-garde autumn lookbook by Reserved

Boho, bourgeois elegance and bon ton chic. These are the leitmotifs of the autumn Reserved collection. It’s time to make amends with your old friend… nonchalance. The autumn Reserved collection is an ode to the style of artistic bohemian dressing from the early 20th century, but vamped up with a modern cut and sport accessories. […]


New Look Book Reserved

A harmony of style in the latest Reserved lookbook /Naturally simple /Pure poetry/ Boho melancholy/ Retro and romanticism combined Ethnic nomad and boho globtrotter immersed in the surrounding pop culture are the characters featured in the latest summer lookbook of Reserved. The Moroccan off-the-beaten-track locations are not only a perfect background for the campaign, but […]

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The Discreet charm of denim from Reserved

Boho, retro, rave. The latest denim collection by Reserved draws a lot on the stylish past. But that, overall, boils down to a forward looking effect. It has been 150 years since jeans were invented, and over half a century ago Diana Vreeland, a famous fashion editor, made the following comment: “Blue jeans are the […]


Spring at Reserved in earthy colours

Reserved launches the 2019 spring season on a very natural note, in earthy colours. The collection embraces a very modern vibe, yet with a retro twist. Unique casual Modernist, avant-garde, vintage. That is the gist of Reserved spring designs. The brand’s designers draw on the flamboyant 1970s. And the image of the fashion icons of […]