Pause Jeans

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“Pause Jeans” and “NegativeWear” are Bulgarian fashion brands, owned and manufactured by “BOGARA” Ltd.,. Svishtov. In 1999 the company began production of the first models of the brand “Pause Jeans”, and in 2012 “NegativeWear”. The idea to create a casual wear, combining innovative design and modern style for the contemporary young man becomes a fundamental principle on which the company is built and unconditionally follows. Today there are more than one hundred stores across the country and abroad that sell unique models of “Pause” and “Negative” and give many people the opportunity to demonstrate their unique style of dressing. High quality materials, attention to detail and embodiment of the ideas are the new basics, which guarantee the success of brands. They are targeted primarily at young people, but must be present in the wardrobe of anyone who has an eye for aesthetics and wants to keep up with the latest fashion trends, no matter what age. Pleiades Bulgarian and foreign popular celebrities trust implicitly the clothing label “Pause” and “Negative” in their everyday life and in their professional activity.

We do Pronto-fashion. Each week, we offer our fans new models produced in limited series, thus ensuring their uniqueness and eliminating the mass production effect. Teams of both brands are built of young and talented designers, stylists and textile engineers who skillfully capture the fashion pulse of the day and transform it into each subsequent model, making it a bestseller!

Outlets selling clothing brands “Pause” and “Negative” can be found in the most famous shopping centers, whether in Bulgaria or abroad. Impeccable service, entrusted to highly qualified consultants, stylish interiors and a rich selection of patterns create a unique atmosphere and make shopping at “Pause” and “Negative” an unforgettable experience!