Over the past 17 years, company MIELE CENTER MAX is imposed on the Bulgarian market, as an official partner of the German concern for household and professional appliances Miele.

Company MIELE CENTER MAX is known to its numerous customers as a synonym for quality, reliability and honesty!

Besides the huge contingent of private clients, MIELE CENTER serves many corporate clients, working with professional appliances Miele. Some of them are: the Military Medical Academy in the whole country, regional hospital in Sofia, Plovdiv and Dobrich, Institute for Emergency Medical assistant Pirogov, SBALAG “Mother House”, Government Hospital, Hospital “St. Ekaterina”, ACTAVIS, MC Donald `s Bulgaria, Prista Oil, Parliament of the Republic of Bulgaria and many more.

The construction of laundries with Miele, as well as installation and maintenance of disinfectors Miele in our restaurants, a hospital that is part of the competence of the company MIELE CENTER, which we are proud! This competence contributes to our great reputation among our corporate clients who seek our professional advice and Miele appliances.

Our consultants who sell Miele also are well trained, have years of experience in the MIELE CENTER and provide our customers competent, full reports on Miele. The offers that we provide to our clients are prepared and sent to the ultimate destination within a maximum of one day! The efficiency of our staff is great, not only because they have many years of experience described above, but also because a large part of them are people associated with German culture and language!

Therefore, we serve customers with tehnika close to our senses. This binds us with our business, and our customers understand it and trust us!