Mat Star


Mat Star Ltd. Is Bulgarian company successfully operating on the local and the foreign markets. We have had the tradition in the production, import and distribution of footwear since 1971 and we offer a huge variety of fashionable footwear and bags at reasonable prices.

Mat Star styles meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. Our retail chain of stores includes over 27 shops in the country, 6 of which are in Sofia.

Mat Star successfully operates in the Balkan countries and have offices in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo as well as in China and Syria. We have also retail stores in Greece, Romania, Austria, Malta, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia. Our trade mark is registered in more than 40 countries – Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Albania, Ex Yugoslavia countries.

Mat Star use the technological equipment and designers conceptions of the manufacturers, who work with the leading footwear companies in the world.