Madame Coco


Madame Coco is a brand created in 2011 as the result of transforming consumer needs into a successful business model through accurate analysis. It quickly became a leader in the home textiles and decorative products sector. Madame Coco is now a candidate to be one of the most significant global brands and maintains international retail operations which commenced in 2016, growing rapidly in many countries. It currently caters to 100 million visitors a year on its e-commerce website and 4 million followers across social media in addition to 300 stores with 75,000 m2 of sales area in 92 cities in 17 countries.

Madame Coco started by offering consumers classic home textile products diversified with European designs and expanded its range of products to include categories beyond home textiles such as glass and crystal, kitchen and tableware, plastic products, leisure wear, personal care products, and cosmetics. By enriching its expansive array of products with unique designs, it has become a brand that consumers love and follow and that stands out from its competitors.

The brand RÉPERTOIRE, which formed its origin story from the Grasse region of France and where it got also inspired, its main theme is composed of contents from nature that has brought an innovative direction to the cosmetic branch with its wide product range offered by combining high quality with accessibility. With its sophisticated essences from French gardens, RÉPERTOIRE offers many different alternatives to meet the cosmetic needs of our customers with rich and natural personal and hair care products such as room fragrances and perfumes, olive oil, almond oil, shea butter and miraculous aloe vera.