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The story of the famous Danish confectionery brand Lakrids by Bülow is the story of passionate craftsmanship for gourmet liquorice. Founded by Johan Bülow in 2007 on the Danish island Bornholm Lakrids by Bülow continues their journey of creating surprising combinations and sensorial taste experiences with liquorice as the core. The ambition has remained the same: To inspire people around the world and spread the love for this unique Nordic flavour. Today, Lakrids by Bülow is still producing all liquorice in their small factory in Copenhagen, Denmark. With the mission to make the world love liquorice Lakrids by Bülow now has more than 25 own stores in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, United Arab Emirates and 2,000 retail partners in 46 markets. The selection is available at renowned department stores like Illum, KaDeWe, Alsterhaus and Globus. Lakrids by Bülow is also available at corporate customers such as Emirates Airlines.

Johan Bülow introduced a new category of gourmet liquorice in 2007, but the history of the liquorice root dates back thousands of years. Liquorice as a confectionery is made from the extracts of the liquorice root Glycyrrhiza glabra – meaning ‘sweet root’. Glycyrrhiza glabra, liquorice root, has been pulled from the ground for more than 5,000 years, and in its natural state, the liquorice root is 30-50 times sweeter than plain sugar. Lakrids by Bülow gather their liquorice roots from countries in the Middle East as Afghanistan and Iran, and countries in the Eastern Europe as Kazakhstan and Georgia. Lakrids by Bülow uses an extrusion from spray dried liquorice extract, together with molasses, glucose, flour and anis oil to create their signature sweet liquorice. LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW uses rice flour, which means all products are gluten free.

Lakrids by Bülow is also taking care of nature. The renown Danish confectionery brand continuously works to reduce environmental impact of the products and has reduced carbon emissions from packaging by 40% between 2016 and 2020. The biggest impact has been the switch in materials for the jars from virgin to recycled plastic. In 2019 Lakrids by Bülow becomes the first confectionary brand in the world to introduce 100% recycled and reusable plastic jars for packaging. From 2020 the production runs on 100% green energy.


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