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Designed for play
Play is essential for our kids. They seek adventure from early dawn till late at night and it means a lot of running, climbing, jumping and having fun. Therefore the requirements to the children shoes are much bigger than the ones to adult shoes. Children shoes should not only provide the little running feet with comfort and breathability, but also endurance unusual for the everyday walking. Kid shoes should also support the first unsure steps of your little ones.
Children shoes should do everything: take the kid to the playing ground, help the child climb a tree, or make him/her the best football player in the neighbourhood.
This is only possible when professionals take care of the children shoes. We at Kolev and Kolev thoroughly choose the materials we work with and pay special attention to the tiniest detail. A team of professional designers and technological experts look after the design and they know exactly how to create modern and safe children shoes. The shoe makers in our factories are particularly trained to handle every pair of children shoes with greatest care.
We know how to create children shoes in a way to let kids think only about their play!