Kik is one of the largest fashion discounters in Germany with a large network of European stores. The brand’s product offering is 70% of the textile segment and is complemented by other non-food items such as gifts, accessories, decorations, toys and stationery.

KiK currently operates almost 3,500 employee shops in Europe, including 2,600 in Germany. The brand is also represented in Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy and since 2018, also in Romania. Over 25,000 employees contribute to the economic success of KiK, which aims to expand its network to 5,000 stores in Europe. KiK is among the fastest growing companies in Europe, with an annual growth of about 200 stores.

KiK is an acronym for “Kunde ist König” (English: The customer is king).