Electric charging stations

Emobility International AD is an innovative company which aims to promote the concept of electromobility in South-Eastern Europe by its platform Eldrive. Our vision is convenient and environmentally friendly transport that impacts not only the environment but also changes the way of thinking in the direction of a carbon-free life.

The Eldrive platform combines both the option for finding and choosing a publically accessible charging station, as also the capability for renting a standard or cargo electrical vehicle for your daily activities.

Having installed 4 charging stations for electric vehicles, The Mall is becoming a major point of the Eldrive network – a service designed to promote electromobility in Bulgaria. The charging stations are installed both on the wall and on the ground, as total electric output is 4 x 22 kW. In order to charge your car, you need an RFID card which you can get at The Mall or at the charging stations.

Charging stations, locations:
– Central parking entrance, The Mall
– Floor -1, west parking entrance, The Mall