EasyPay AD is one of the largest and fast-developing companies for money transfers and payment services on the Bulgarian market. Since its establishment in 2006, the company has undertaken the arduous task to reduce to a minimum the unduly going about institutions, irritating waiting in lines and tiresome filling in of forms. To accomplish this seemingly impossible mission, our team has developed a centralized, web-based payment system, licensed by the Bulgarian National Bank. It allows us to work in partnership with international money transfer companies, utility service providers in Bulgaria, a large number of institutions, merchants and non-profit organizations.
Now EasyPay AD has a network of over 280 own and over 2 000 partner offices, located in large shopping centers, , chains of stores and other key places in Bulgaria, where our clients can quickly and easily:

  • pay for utility bills, taxes, fees and fines;
  • pay for online services and goods;
  • send and receive money in Bulgaria and abroad;
  • buy tickets for a wide variety of events;
  • buy a vignette sticker for their motor vehicle;
  • transfer money in a bank account;
  • draw a bank loan;
  • advertise their goods and services;
  • take part in lottery games.

Driven by the aspiration to meet the needs and expectations of the customers, we work hard every day to provide a larger variety of quality services, saving their time and money. It’s a pure pleasure for us that the majority of households in Bulgaria highly appreciate our endeavors by using every month the following advantages of our system:

  • no registration prior to the payment is required;
  • payments are carried out in real time;
  • utility bill payments are free of charge;
  • immediate money transfers;
  • lowest prices of money transfers on the market.

These are only some of the reasons why the majority of people associate the logo of EasyPay with speed, security and convenience. Working to ensure these qualities isn’t just business for us, but our means to achieving a more satisfied society and peaceful living conditions in Bulgaria.