Cool Club

Founded in 2001, the Polish brand COOL CLUB offers children’s clothing, accessories and shoes created by the designers of SMYK – an international brand for kids and baby fashion that dates back to 1977 and currently has over 300 stores worldwide. Our success is based on the excellent balance between the children’s tastes and the parents’ expectations for style, quality and price of clothes and shoes.

The whole concept of COOL CLUB is inspired by the latest trends in the fashion world and every month customers can discover our new themed collection. COOL CLUB designers believe that childhood is a combination of unique moments, full of colors and adventures that remain in our memory forever. That’s why every child needs to feel comfortable and confident in what they wear and the parents’ task is to choose clothing that would fit in every situation. COOL CLUB brand clothes and accessories fully meet the expectations of both children and parents and use high quality materials that are suitable for any occasion. We aim to accompany our young customers during their childhood – from birth to 14 years of age.

COOL CLUB was created for children but is appreciated by the whole family.


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