The story of the Italian family began in 1835. by Giosuè Carducci – poet, teacher, critic and public figure, born in Pietrasanta area.

Two generations later, the man who laid the foundations of fashion house Carducci is Zino Carducci. Impressed by the good-looking gentlemen in suits and mastered textile craft in the late 40’s, Zino opened a little shop for menswear in Florence.

In the 60s, inspired by the success of his father, two sons – Leo and David Carducci build the brand by starting production of womens clothing, in no way inferior to the established haute couture houses. So in the mid 60s Carducci brothers have 8 stores in Europe and dress one of the most significant names in the film industry.

Established itself in the market with quality fabrics and luxury goods, Carducci has production plants in Turkey and developed commercial network in Europe, South Africa, Dubai and Russia.