The Bulgarian-American Credit Bank (BACB) offers a full range of banking products and services to individual and corporate clients at competitive process and high level of services. BACB is a modern, high technology institution that meets the ever growing expectations of consumers, and quickly adapts to the changing environment of the market of banking and makes use of all innovations in high technologies that could be of service to the clients. The basic priorities in BACB activities include:

  • Ecology – encouraging activities related to environment protection, energy –effective sources, etc., alongside with projects and initiatives with considerable social response to environment protection.
  • Agriculture – during the last years, BACB has made a reputation as one of the most effective banks in this sector. The bank is in active collaboration with many clients engaged in the sector, including the development of bio-agriculture and agro ecology.

The bank makes every effort to work with small and medium enterprises, taking into consideration their plans for their future development and suggesting modern and flexible solutions.