Bitcoin ATM

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Installed in July 2018, the first two-way Bitcoin ATM in Bulgaria is in The Mall at level -1 above Tavex. The device enjoys great popularity among residents and guests of Sofia and has become an iconic asset for the city.

The convenient working hours of the shopping centre, the direct access to the parking lot and the business buildings, the convenient transport connections with the city centre and the Trakia highway, and the proximity to Sofia Airport make the device’s location excellent.

You can buy and sell different types of cryptocurrencies.

The limit of a single transaction is 9750 BGN. If the client wants to buy or sell a cryptocurrency at a higher value, they can repeat the operation several times. When purchasing, you can pay in Bulgarian levs and euros. Upon sale, you will receive Bulgarian levs. If you do not have a wallet to send you the purchased cryptocurrency, the device may issue a paper wallet.

By default, the interface is in Bulgarian and supports English, which is convenient for foreign customers.