In ‘Berezka’, every purchase becomes part of a gastronomic adventure! Welcome to our world, where passion for taste meets the love for authenticity.

The ‘Berezka’ chain of stores has been in the retail sector for many years, and we have set ourselves a simple but ambitious goal – to offer our customers quality products with an ‘honest’ composition and a minimal amount of harmful additives. We develop our business by striving to select goods that carry some authenticity and the taste of the countries in which they are produced. We update our product range every month so that every guest of ours can enjoy and satisfy their taste.

Shop with pleasure in over 90 stores in Bulgaria, Romania, and Cyprus. Be assured that we have put in a lot of effort to provide you with delicious food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, as well as for hosting a wonderful family celebration with loved ones and friends.

We also produce our own goods in our culinary workshops. In the chain, you will find a big selection of unique dishes that will satisfy the tastes of every gourmet – dumplings, pelmeni, ‘Borsch’ soup, the most popular ‘Herring under a fur coat’ and ‘Olivier’, ‘Holodets’ and over 200 more unique recipes from traditional Slavic cuisine.

We strive to provide the best to every customer. We do not use flavor enhancers and preservatives, only natural ingredients. The freshness of all dishes is guaranteed – we allow no more than 48 hours from the moment of their production until we stop offering them.

We believe that the true value of your purchase is measured not only in money but also in the pleasure you receive from our products. In this regard, if a product purchased from our chain does not meet your expectations, we will refund you.

Every day, we bring warmth and care into everything we do, bringing joy to over 20,000 of our customers. Our team of over 500 professionals takes responsibility for service, with the goal of providing you with only the best. ‘Berezka’ is always with you – just a step away, a click away, or a call away.