Altinbas brand was founded in 1950 by family Altinbas. At the beginning dealt with sarafstvo – exchange of gold. Replacing their old jewelry for 22 carat gold coins or bracelets woven by hand from the golden thread – thread belezik. This is one of the oldest crafts of Turkey. Altinbas translated means head, peak, highest point.The name of the brand predicts its global success in everything what is dealing with.In only a decade the brand managed to become holding company. It owns over 30 companies working in energy, finance, jewelry, oil, transportation and construction sectors throughout Turkey and abroad.

Altinbas in on the Bulgarian market since 2000. Corporate brand shops are located only in the largest and most luxurious shopping centers. The brand has 5 conseptual stores – 4 in Sofia City – Central Department Store, City Center Sofia, Mall of Sofia and Bulgaria Mall and 1 in Sunny Beach – Royal Beach Mall. Altinbas stores have a unique design, consistent with global trends in furniture diamond industry. In 2007 Altinbas shop in City Center Sofia was chosen for shop standard in Europe.

As Altinbas our goal is to adhere to corporate values, to uphold our established leading brand identity and our gold and diamond jewelry design, products, quality customer service and human resources with a global brand identity through chain stores.

Our mission is to become Altinbas pioneers in innovation and new trends in the jewelry industry offering the preferred wasy of shopping and maintain high quality service and to ourwide network of conseptual stores worldwide.

92% of customers consider Altinbas as a leader in the manufacturing jewelry. Altinbas owns 88% of the market in Turkey and 33% of world markets in fabrication and marketing of diamond jewelry. The brand is owner of the largest factory for gold production with capacity of 20 tons. Exports its products to 40 countries and has over 110 conseptial stores in USA, Australia, Russia, Germany, England, Spain, Romania, Macedonia and Bulgaria.
Despite stagnating market conditions in 2010 have a growth of 30%. Altinbas is one of the largest chains in the world. As the first investor that introduced a franchise system in the jewelry industry Altinbas assist his representatives with financing, advertising, marketing, consulting and other projects. This application offers all the advantages of being one of the stores with warrants and standard rates.

Altinbas collections are created by a team of designers who are following global trends and innovation, interpreting and combining them with historical and aesthetic line according to the universal understanding. Altinbas is strong brand, offering collections for each user group.

Why Altinbas chain stores?
Altinbas satisfied the requirements of all customers, is specialized brand in offering products and services. All jewelries of the brand possess an international certificate of quality and lifetime warranty. In our stores you will be consulted by certified diamond experts.