Hesburger’s delicious history dates back to 1966 when Heikki Salmela and his wife Kirsti founded Kievari Grilli in Naantali. In the 1970s, the hard-working entrepreneurs set their sights on Turku where the budding company enjoyed enormous popularity among the locals, particularly at a location known as Puutorin Grilli.

Today, Hesburger is a compamy with more than 500 restaurants, 21 of which are in Bulgaria.

Hesburger’s recipe for success? It’s actually easy – the most important thing is the taste and the quality of the products. Another key ingredient is friendly service which we maintain by constantly training our personnel.

The finishing touch of our recipe for success is active product development. We research taste habits, follow food trends, listen to customer feedback, and respond to changes. This is easy to do, because we make, for example, our own mayonnaises and sauces.

We are expecting you with tasty burgers, French fries, crunchy chicken nuggets, irresistible desserts, fresh smoothies and many other products.