Chillbox – the candy pink stand . Hurrying between planned shopping and fast food, the way you meddle stand frozen yogurt in candy pink – so elegant and nice that you take a few steps back to look at it. Your curiosity is piqued – really everything that appears on the advertising signs is true – something so tasty, but funny, with little calories and no artificial additives? Yes, and these four delicious flavors, developed according to the latest technologies with the goal to satisfy the clients which are the most concerned about healthy eating. And with plenty of tempting sweets, chocolate sauce, pieces of fresh fruit, candied nuts and whatnot …. Well your eyes are full, but how much will this luxury cost? The answer is – as much as you want to take at the moment – you own your full bucket of yogurt and toppings as you want. Friendly girls are there to help you get exactly what you want wrapped in a cute pink box. And then comes the moment of enjoyment, which shoots you out of time, problems and future tasks. Moment for you … Remembering this moment keeps you captive until your next visit to The Mall – again when you stand at the counter no longer accidentally – to try another flavor yogurt or a different combination of toppings to show it to a friend or to try out some of our drinks – yogo smoothies, hot and cold cocktails with coffee – interesting if they are also that good as frozen yogurt?

Absolutely, we suggest you come and see it for yourself.

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