“BMS – Bulgarian cuisine” is the largest chain in the country that offers cooked specialties from the traditional Bulgarian cuisine. We are among the first in the country that encouraged and activity to nutrition. With more than 150 employees in 16 facilities located in major cities in Bulgaria, we daily care to each client reach delicious, fresh, fresh soups, salads, meat and vegetarian dishes, garnishes, sauces and desserts.

We maintain a high standard of quality and service
With us you will always be served politely. With its positive and friendly attitude, our boys and girls will make you feel cozy and pleasant. We work with a team of professionals who comply with a uniform standard of service and work in the frame and into the kitchen. Well trained staff will advise, direct and advise always with a smile.

Maintain uniqueness in the preparation of meals
What we differentiate our freshly prepared meals. We do not use preservatives, dyes or enhancers. We prepare all of the time and place without prior preparations. Nepovotrimiyat taste of the dishes we achieve by keeping the product without it freezing. We work with the latest technologies. Cook convection, by which food stew, retains its taste qualities, beneficial properties and ingredients. To each dish must add a pinch of love and attention.

We use the best products
All prepared with products of the highest quality at the best price from the best manufacturers and established brands. Behind us stands a rich and carefully selected assortment. In large selection of dishes and drinks at the center of attention delicious and high-quality native products.

Observe high control in the preparation of food
Food safety is of utmost importance to us that we provide to the introduction of effective HACCP systems throughout the chain. Control over the implementation of this system in our institutions is implemented many operational checks and regular audits by certified auditors.
In “BMS- Bulgarian cuisine” you will always find fresh salads, freshly prepared dishes, freshly baked breads and desserts that will pamper your palate. Choices and exceptional taste of our dishes undoubtedly attract and fascinate. We are already on the market ….. years with over 150,000 customers a month. Thank you for choosing us!