Official Parking Rules The Mall

Last amended on 01.07.2023

Rules for parking

A) The present rules for parking (the “Rules”) enter into force as of 0:00 on 15.07.2023 and regulate the access and stay of vehicles in the parking area of the Building Complex Tsarigradsko, located at 115z Tsarigradsko Shousse Blvd., Sofia (the “Parking Area”);
B) The Rules are approved and adopted by the company responsible for the management of the Parking Area – AP Retail I EOOD, a company incorporated and operating under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, having its registered office at: 115z, Tsarigradsko Shousse Blvd., Mladost Region, Sofia, registered with the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency under Uniform Identification Code (UIC) 200019536, represented by the manager Vesselin Ivanov Glavchev (“APR”);
C) The present Rules shall apply to all users of the Parking Area who have entered with a vehicle in the Parking Area (the “Users”).
D) As an exception of recital C) above, the rules regarding access to the Parking Area, fees, payment and exit of the Parking Area shall not apply to Users who have parking access cards, whereas the rules of their individual agreements shall apply to them.

Access to the parking area

1. In order to access the Parking Area, the User shall obtain a parking ticket from the ticket machines located at the entrances of the Parking Area. By entering the Parking Area with a vehicle, the User is deemed to have accepted the present Rules and has undertaken to fully comply with them.
2. The Users who access the Parking Area are not guaranteed that they will find an available parking space. The lack of free parking space does not waive the Users’ obligations under the present Rules.

Use of the parking area

3. Each parking ticket obtained by a User at the entrance of the Parking Area entitles the User to enter the Parking Area, park and leave the Parking Area with one vehicle only. After entering the Parking Area the User undertakes to fully comply with the present Rules.
4. The User undertakes to drive, park and take care of the vehicle on the territory of the Parking Area in full compliance with the present Rules, in compliance with the 2 traffic signs installed in the Parking Area, the provisions of the applicable traffic laws and regulations thereto. The User undertakes to fully comply with the instructions of APR and its representatives and of the security services of the Parking Area.
5. Entrance, parking and stay in the underground levels -1, -2 and -3 of the Parking Area is forbidden for Users driving gas supplied vehicles and/or vehicles with height exceeding 207 cm. In case APR or any third party suffers damage and/or in case of sanctions imposed by the competent authorities as a result of non-compliance with the present prohibition under this item 5, the User shall be held liable and shall fully indemnify APR and/or any third party for any direct or indirect damage sustained as a result of such default.
6. The User undertakes to park the vehicle only on the explicitly designated parking spaces as marked in the Parking Area. The Users are not allowed to park on parking spaces, reserved for disabled people, unless in the case of item 7 below. In addition, APR reserves its right to restrict the access to certain parking spaces at its own discretion, in which case the Users shall not be entitled to park on such parking spaces with restricted access. It is expressly forbidden any vehicles to be stopped or parked on the alleys, entrances and in general on any place that is not marked as parking space.
7. The Users who have cards for preferential parking of vehicles which are transporting disabled people (the “Cards”) issued under the terms of the Bulgarian Traffic Act, can park on the available Parking Spaces dully marked as spaces for disabled people. These Users are obliged to place the Card on a visible place on the front window of the vehicle during their whole stay in the Parking Area and the disabled person on whose name the Card is issued should be either the User or a person being transported with the respective vehicle.
8. The Users of the Parking Area are allowed to drive the vehicle on the territory of the Parking Area with a maximum speed of 10 km/hour.
9. The Users are prohibited in the territory of the Parking Area to perform activities that generate excessive noise, to use fire, flammable devices and substances, to smoke, to consume alcohol, to cause unnecessary idle running and use of the engine, to park vehicles with non-tight fuel containers, to undertake repairs and/or maintenance works on the vehicle, to load the vehicle’s tank with fuel, to clean the vehicle and to discharge liquids for cooling the engine of the vehicle, to beg, to distribute advertising material and carry out political agitation, to carry out sports activities (such as cycling, skateboarding and the like) and to carry out other activities that create a risk of accidents, to allow children under the age of 14 to pass unaccompanied, to place anything that hinders the visibility, passing or parking of vehicles in the Parking Area.
Exit of the parking area

10. The User is allowed to exit the Parking Area only after payment of the incurred fees under item 11 below and returning of the valid parking ticket on the outer barriers of the Parking Area. For the avoidance of doubt, the parking ticket is issued for a particular vehicle and therefore when exiting the Parking the User shall return 3 the same ticket that the he received upon entering the Parking. Exchange of parking tickets between Users, who have entered the Parking with different vehicles is not allowed. When leaving the Parking Area, the Users must wait for the barrier to lower after the previous leaving vehicle and can only pass after the barrier has raised for their vehicle. In the event of failure to comply with this rule, APR shall not be liable for any damage to the vehicle and clauses 13 and 21 shall apply to the Users and/or their vehicle.

Payment of the fees is made cash on the Information Desk at level 0 of Commercial Center “The Mall” or via the designated technical devices located in the Parking Area and/or in the Building Complex. The technical devices accept only coins of 1 BGN and 2 BGN, banknotes of 5 BGN, 10 BGN and 20 BGN, as well as payment by debit or credit cards. Upon payment of the fees as per item 11 the User has 30 minutes to exit the Parking Area or otherwise the User owes additional fees for the additional stay until exiting in compliance with the present Rules.

Fees and time of stay

11. (1) The fees for access to the Parking Area per one vehicle are determined according to the following tariff, applicable for every day of the week (working days and weekend):
• up to 2 hours stay – free of charge;
• from 2 hours (commenced 3 rd hour) up to 5 hours stay – BGN 2 (two) VAT included for every commenced hour;
• from 6 hours (commenced 7th hour) up to 9 hours stay – BGN 3 (three) VAT included;
• for every commenced hour after the 5 th hour – BGN 3 (three)/hour VAT included.

The due fees, depending on the period of stay, are indicated in the below table:
Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 16.08.22

(2) The fees for access to the Parking Area per one vehicle for Users that are clients of Arena Cinema are determined according to the following tariff for every day of the week (working days and weekend), subject to validation of the parking tickets at the ticket desks of Arena Cinema, located on level 2 in the Building Complex:

• up to 4 hours stay – free of charge;
• from 4 hours (commenced 5th hour) up to 8 hours stay – BGN 2 (two) VAT included;
• for every commenced hour after the 8th hour – BGN 2 (two)/hour VAT included.
(3) The time of stay as per this item 11 in the Parking Area is calculated regardless of the number of entrances and exits of the Parking Area for the period of one Day whereas a Day within the meaning of the present Rules shall be 24 (twenty-four) consecutive hours from 0:00 until 24:00 of each calendar day. Тhe time of stay for a Day shall include the total time, spent by a vehicle in the Parking Area during this Day and the fees under items 11(1) and 11(2) shall be calculated on the basis of the total time spent within the Day. As an example, upon exit of the Parking Area after stay of 3 hours, the User as per item 11(1) above shall pay a fee of BGN 2 VAT included, but if the User enters again the Parking Area with the same vehicle within the same Day and stays for further 4 hours, on exit the User shall pay additional fee of BGN 10 VAT included because its total stay within the same Day shall be 7 hours. For the avoidance of doubt, the 2 hours stay that is free of charge as per item 11 (1) above is valid only once within a Day.
(4) The period of stay for the purposes of items 11 (1) and 11 (2) is calculated from entering the Parking until payment of the parking ticket upon exiting.
12. The maximum uninterrupted allowed time spent inside the Parking Area per one vehicle is 168 (one hundred and sixty-eight) hours. In case of exceeding the maximum time under the present item 12 the User continues to be fully bound by the present Rules and owes payment of all fees calculated as per the present Rules. The User acknowledges that APR is entitled to remove the vehicle from the Parking Area after the expiry of the maximum allowed time at the expenses of the User. In the latter case the User is to pay any and all fees under the Rules and to pay the expenses for the removing of the vehicle immediately to APR.

Additional payment obligations

13. In case of breach by a User of its obligations under the present Rules, APR is entitled entirely upon its own discretion:
a) to place a penalty sticker on the front window of the User’s vehicle in case of the first default;
b) to request payment of the amount of BGN 100 (one hundred) leva VAT included for every default following the first default;
c) to remove the vehicle from the Parking Area at the expenses of the User in case the vehicle is not properly parked in accordance with the Rules, if it poses threat or if the maximum time allowed for parking has expired;
d) to prohibit the User from entering the Parking Area with the vehicle, for a period of up to 1 (one) year;
e) in case the User has lost or destroyed its parking ticket, the User owes fee in the amount of BGN 25 (twenty-five leva) VAT included;
f) in case the time of the stay of the vehicle on the territory of the Parking Area exceeds the maximum allowed time under item 12 above the User owes fee in the amount of BGN 250 (two hundred and fifty leva) VAT included.

14. All amounts under item 13 are payable in addition to the fees due under item 11 above.

Rights and obligations of APR

15.(1) APR is entitled to receive the fees under the Rules in the amount and under the terms and conditions herein.

(2) APR reserves the right at its own discretion to announce certain days during which the stay in the Parking Area will be free of charge and the fees as per item 11(1) and 11(2) above will not be applicable, for which the Users will be informed timely.
16. APR ensures the Users the undisturbed access to the Parking Area in accordance with the purposes of the present Rules. APR does not ensure the Users that upon entry in the Parking Area there will be available parking spaces to use.
17. APR shall be liable only for damage caused by APR or its representatives as a result of willful misconduct or gross negligence. APR shall not be held liable for damage caused by any third party. The User is obliged to inform APR of any damage whatsoever occurred in the Parking Area immediately after its occurrence and in any case before leaving the Parking Area.
18. The Parking Area is unguarded and APR is not responsible for the security of the User’s vehicles. APR shall not be responsible in case of damage or theft of a vehicle, or in case any property is stolen from a vehicle. The security of each vehicle is responsibility of the User.

Rights and obligations of the User

19. The User is obliged to pay the fees under the Rules. The stay of each User in the Parking Area after the 2 hours free of charge time despite not finding available parking space is entirely at the risk and at the expenses of the User who is obliged to pay the fees according to the time spent in the Parking Area under item 11 above regardless if the User parked the vehicle or not.
20. The User shall comply with the present Rules as they may be amended entirely upon the Lessor’s discretion as per recital D) above.
21. The User shall be liable and shall indemnify any damage to the Parking Area, APR and/or to any third party caused by the User and/or third parties travelling with the User in the vehicle. In case of any damage, the User undertakes to inform the representatives of APR and the security service of the Parking Area immediately after causing the damage, but in any case before leaving the Parking Area. In case of occurrence of any other unpredicted situation and/or emergency the User shall immediately inform the security service.

Video surveillance and car plate recognition
22. APR uses technical means for video surveillance and control and plate recognition of the Vehicles’ registration numbers for the purposes of applying the present Rules. Recordings from the video surveillance are not provided to the Users.

Personal data protection

The Company processes the following personal data of the Users:
• video images;
• data concerning the registration numbers of vehicles.
More information on the purposes, grounds, requirements, categories of personal data recipients and the Users’ rights, could be found here.The information at the provided link is considered a privacy notice within the meaning of Art. 13 and 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/ 679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).