Winter Sales Lookbook


Have you ever found yourself in a store with a garment or a jewel in your hand, thinking to yourself: “Do I need it?”, “Does it fit me?”, “Would I ever wear it?”, “Do I have an outfit to match it with?”…Well, put your concerns to rest, because our terrific winter discounts are here. The time to act is now not only because the prices are phenomenal – with discounts going up to -70%, but also because it is possible to miss your chance of getting the item that you have always wanted.

Here’s a preview of the products that you will be able to find in The Mall with some sweet discounts. We also have suggestions about possible outfits.

Just matching your shoes with the purse doesn’t really cut it. In order to look completely stunning , you have to take into account every little detail. That’s why we want to bring your attention to these items: Mohito’s red handbag, ruby lipstick and candy colored face powder. And, for the finishing touch, a little shine from MAC.



Mohito Handbag: old price –39,99 BGN, new price – 29,99 BGN
Mohito Shirt: old price – 34,99 BGN, new price – 14,99 BGN

Ruby Red Lipstick and Candy Yam Yam MAC Cosmetics: 39 BGN
Powder Blush Candyland MAC Cosmetics: 38 BGN
Glitter MAC Cosmetics: 44 BGN

If you want your hand bag to be the highlight of your outfit, choose wisely. With their unique floral and animal motifs, the FURLA purses are a true work of art. If you also add any of SEPHORA’s dazzling products, you will surely be the center of attention wherever you go.



Benefit Cake Big with Sephora: old price –100 BGN, new price – 74,50 BGN
Hand bag Furla Petalo: old price – 780 BGN, new price – 546 BGN
Hand bag Furla Toni Camelia: old price – 580 BGN, new price – 290 BGN

One of the pillars of classical american fashion meets the modern sensation – Pandora’s jewelery. If bright colours are not your thing and want to achieve that elegant yet trendy look, we got you covered. Express your individuality and uniqueness with the different options for bracelet charms that Pandora offers you, which will make you stand out for sure.



Pandora bracelet: 399 BGN
Pandora ring: 155 BGN
Tommy Hilfiger wallet: old price –170 BGN, new price – 143,20 BGN.
Tommy Hilfiger Sweater: 395 BGN

Nothing matches a firm body like an awesome t-shirt. Levi’s truly are a synonym of quality apparel. They took the world by storm again, bringing the logomania trend back. The four letters of their logo are instantly recognizable and continue to increase the coolness of people all around the globe. The Body Shop set is here to ensure that you will look just as good without a T-shirt.


Levi’s hat: old price – 39 BGN, new price – 20 BGN
Levi’s t-shirt: 69 BGN
Levi’s hand bag: 39 BGN
Levi’s jeans: 219 BGN.
The Body Shop Body set: old price – 49,90 BGN, new price – 39,92 BGN

Leisurewear overtook formal clothing as the preferred choice for everyday life a long time ago. Gentlemen, show the world that you don’t take life too seriously by combining a Lee Cooper sweater and Lee Cooper sneakers for a glamorous look. Add a drop of Givenchy’s perfume and you will be radiating confidence and class.


Givenchy Gentleman, Douglas perfume: 119 BGN, 50 ml
Lee Cooper shoes: old price – 180 BGN, new price – 110 BGN
Lee Cooper sweater: old price – 120 BGN, new price – 89 BGN

“Feels like home” – a short phrase that transports us in a place of full of bliss and coziness. Experience these positive emotions by getting women’secret pajamas and slippers. English Home’s coffee tray and coffee cups are here to make that long, lazy Saturday afternoon just perfect. The artificial rose is a nice touch for all the romantic people out there.


women’secret pajamas: 34,99 BGN
women’secret slippers: 15,99 BGN
English Home coffee tray: 48,00 BGN
set of 4 coffee cups: old price –73.99 BGN, new price – 22,20 BGN
Artificial rose: old price – 15,99 BGN, new price – 7,99 BGN

Bulgaria’s nature offers us sceneries of unparalleled beauty. That’s a fact. We offer you unparalleled in price and quality products that will make the time spendt in nature more enjoyable. Also a fact. When the weather gets a little bit warmer, be prepared for hiking. Ok, the city parks count too. Check our suggestions.


Under Armour shoes: old price – 300 BGN, new price – 180 BGN
Timeout, Navy jacket: old price – 129,99 BGN, new price – 64,99 BGN
Timeout, Black jacket: old price – 124,99 BGN, new price – 62,49 BGN
Timeout hat: old price – 29,00 BGN, new price – 14,99 BGN

Nothing shows confidence like the perfect fitting suit. But be considerate: black might make you look like a graduate without much of experience, while the dark blue and gray variants are way too boring for a colorful individual like you. We are certain we’ve got the suit that will make you stand out.


Carducci suit and a vest: 395 BGN

Carducci grey tie: 75 BGN
Cartucci tie with dots: 35 BGN
Carducci brown tie with a pattern: 35 BGN

A new perspective to the everyday office wear for all the serious business ladies, who also know how to have fun. We present you an outfit that is suitable for work and will also make you look sharp at the bar at the end of the workday.



Review jacket, Peek&Cloppenberg: 119,99 BGN

Review jeans, Peek&Cloppenberg: 59,99 BGN
Gianni shoes: old price – 289 BGN, new price – 209 BGN

Underwear is the base every good outfit is built on. Not just because of the order we put our clothes on. Nothing gives you a boost of confidence like a high-quality, comfortable, sexy set of underwear that you know you are wearing under your business uniform. If you choose these Anabel Arto products, the tulips from the picture will surely follow.



Kate Grayshoes, Humanic: 119,95 BGN
Humanic clutch: 69,95 BGN
Anabel Arto bra : 69 BGN
Anabel Arto bikini: 36 BGN

The stylish rebel is charismatic, attractive and wanted. We can sum up these ideas with one word: Punk. There is one small detail in these gorgeous HUGO by Hugo Boss shoes – the bright red shoelaces – that will totally transform your outfit and will make you embody the punk. And after the end of the working day, the shirt below to your outfit will make you become the center of attention in the bar.


HUGO by Hugo Boss shoes: old price – 577 BGN, new price – 462 BGN
Shirt HUGO by Hugo Boss: old price – 253 BGN, new price – 202 BGN

Colourful accents. Always. There is nothing more to say. You know what to do.



MarellaNecklace, Week&Shop MDL: old price – 190 BGN, new price – 133 BGN

Pennyblack handback, Week&Shop MDL: old price – 270 BGN, new price–189 BGN
PennyblackNecklace, Week&Shop MDL: old price – 140 BGN, new price – 98 BGN
Marella Sport shirt: old price – 410 BGN, new price – 205 BGN