Spring at Reserved in earthy colours


Reserved launches the 2019 spring season on a very natural note, in earthy colours. The collection embraces a very modern vibe, yet with a retro twist.

Unique casual

Modernist, avant-garde, vintage. That is the gist of Reserved spring designs. The brand’s designers draw on the flamboyant 1970s. And the image of the fashion icons of that decade. The collection features simple but structured forms, so there are many rectangular or A-shaped silhouettes. All in somewhat edgy, asymmetrical cuts. The collection is also full of references to sport and sportswear of the 1990s, which adds to the overall practical aspect. This mix of original inspirations, unique cuts with practicality of the designs is the essence of the brand’s spring collection.

Women’s collection

Oversize forms are predominant in the women’s collection. It features oversize midi dresses and floor-length tunics, often with a hippie vibe. These are embellished with lace, lattice or art-like, watercolour patterns. Width is also emphasised in linen culotte trousers (3/4 length) and white shirts and skirts, straight or pleated, but necessarily conical in shape. The highlights of the collection include coats in vivid colours, canary yellow trench coat or a mustard, geometric one, whose cut is a reference to the designs of the 1970s. The more casual side of the collection features high-waist jeans, rectangular mini-skirts and V neck in juicy fluo shade. This is one of the few instances of bright colours in the collection. A natural, dusty palette of colours, such as brown, amber, ivory and lemon, prevails. Ethnic accessories and jewellery such as round wicker baskets, lattice shopper bags or bags with tassels are an ideal complement to the designs. The highlights of the collection are oriental-style wooden platform sandals.

Men’s collection

In the male line geometry plays the key role. The coats have a straight line cut, as seen both in creamy trench coats and transparent hooded raincoats. The same goes for the fitted suit trousers with crease, kept in the shades of cobalt blue or grass green. For a perfect yet contrasting match – these may be paired with a patterned turtleneck or a sweater with a thick weave. Shirts are a strong staple – bright white, khaki or patterned short-sleeved ones. The collar jackets have a slightly utilitarian character and they allude to the aesthetics of the 1990s with its simplicity in styling. Just like in the case of jeans – this season with narrow but straight legs. They are deceptively reminiscent of denim classics from two decades ago. New arrivals include large shopper bags with a distinctive print or colour and XXL bucket bags. The collection could not possibly do without the hottest accessory of the moment, i.e. the bum bag, both the elegant, leather (great even for the office) ones or the ones made of thick orthalon, in peach. The overall sporty character is complemented by thick-sole sneakers alluding to those promoted by the world’s largest fashion houses.

In the slow rhythm

The strongest feature of the collection and indeed its essence is its universality. Almost all looks from the men’s and women’s line will be ideal from 9 to 5 and after hours. It is a global trend that casual looks can definitely be worn in the evening and those more elegant during the day. The globetrotter vibe of the entire styling of the collection – visible in its character, colour patterns and designs – aims at introducing an element of chill and comfort into the wardrobe. www.reserved.com