Reserved enters a new course. Direction? Retro style and the elegant 1970s. That was the inspiration for the brand’s autumn collection.


The women’s collection is dominated by casual styles which, according to the trends, we also wear in the evening. The leitmotif are dresses: built-up with a bow, short, denim, decorated with embroidery, fleece with turtleneck or college-type shirtdresses with collars. They are all confusingly similar to those worn e.g. by Jane Fonda in the cult film “Klute.” Casual clothes set is complemented by pleated or sheath skirts made of denim and tracksuit-type, vintage trousers.

Coats also play an important role. They can be marl, with coloured checked pattern, or gentle trench coats with 3/4 sleeves, which can be successfully worn instead of dresses. The alternative are stylish, artificial fur coats, or expressive downy jackets with intense animal patterns.

The collection is supplemented by accessories. They complement it, although sometimes they are the ones to play the leading role, such as the ultra long suede boots that match both apron-like dresses and denim skirts with turtlenecks. As for bags, the ones that stand out are classic, trapezoidal bags, or just the opposite – small ones, with a strap, in the colour of ink.

The common denominator of the collection is not just retro style, but also subdued colours referring to the atmosphere of the era, such as the shades of mustard, bottle green, deep blue, faded yellow, cinnamon or sepia. It is the colours and not patterns and prints, quite pared-down this season, that play the leading role.

Autumn men’s collection by Reserved shows a completely new approach to fashion. Unaffected, yet elegant. Just like the 1970s style of Jack Nicholson.

Reserved skilfully plays with the classic fashion from half a century ago, refreshing the cuts typical for the 1970s. Jackets stand out from the rest of the collection: from denim and corduroy ones with sheepskin, to light-brown boatswain jackets (double-breasted, hip-long jackets) and leather ones with cuffs and wool collars. We saw them for example in the famous “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

Again, white and cream-coloured, thick-weaved turtlenecks combined with straight, dark jeans or checked trousers are en vogue. You can also wear them under a denim shirt or hooded blouse. An oversize model with prints is a hit of the collection, just like the classic oversize sweaters in the colour of ivory and ochre. A V-neck sweater in a strong red colour stands out from the rest of the clothes offered. Paired with black corduroys from the new collection and sneakers, it creates a modern “after working hours” look. In turn, a two-piece, fitted checked suit which, instead of a shirt, can be combined with e.g. a T-shirt or polo shirt, will be ideal for work.

Coats are the basis. Special attention should be paid to the brown diplomat coat (single-breasted thigh-long one). Combined with a pair of white trousers, it will get even more vintage character. Double-breasted, herringbone pattern model is also a hit, which, by contrast, is worth pairing with a sports clothing element, such as hoodie. For chilly-willies – there is an ultra-thick, oversize downy jacket. A style which also enjoys great popularity on the catwalks of the world.

A perfect complement? Woollen beanie-type cap, which will give each look slightly hipster’s style.