Reserved “I Can Boogie” – Chapter 1: The Show / AW18


Polish actress Joanna Kulig and one of the most recognisable French influencers, Jeanne Damas, together on stage? Impossible? Wait and see. This exciting mix is brought to all fashion and film enthusiasts in the new AW campaign of Reserved called “I Can Boogie”.

Joanna Kulig wows cinema audiences worldwide with her outstanding performance in “Cold War” directed by Paweł Pawlikowski. Jeanne Damas is a fashion icon not only in France, but in the whole Europe. Both extremely ambitious, driven, with a great sense of humour – they know how to have fun and it shows in the latest campaign of Reserved – “I Can Boogie”.

Born and raised in southern Poland, Joanna Kulig has been leading a successful acting career in Poland for years, starring in films, TV series and performing on theatre stages. She is an excellent singer and the public’s favourite. The leading role in “Cold War”, critically-praised at the Cannes Film Festival, marks the beginning of a very special moment in her life. It is said that there were two winners: Paweł Pawlikowski, awarded with Palme d’Or for Best Director, and Joanna Kulig, whose talent and moving performance brought her acclaim from Juliette Binoche herself.

Jeanne Damas should automatically appear as one of the top search results for “French it-girl”. Her Instagram account will soon hit one million followers and fashionistas rave about her looks and style. The key to her popularity lies in the unaffected way in which she defines the concept of a French style and encourages girls around the world to create an authentic image: “In Paris, it is more about simplicity and timeless classics, rather than trends”.

Retro vibes run through the new Reserved “I Can Boogie” campaign and it is exactly that mood that inspires the leading ladies: Joanna Kulig and Jeanne Damas. They both epitomise timeless elegance and sensuality bringing to mind the 1960s or 1970s Hollywood icons, yet with a twist. They also reflect the female temperament of those times. They are not ashamed to flirt or seduce. They ooze confidence and want to have fun.
„ The phrase ‘Yes Sir, I can Boogie’ gains a whole new meaning in our campaign. We want to encourage all women to embrace the art of classic flirt and seduction, just like in the good old days when Marilyn Monroe was the queen. When a woman was feminine, wore skirts and proudly showed off her curves”
explains Monika Kapłan, Global Marketing Director of Reserved.
The fresh narrative is brought to the song with the performance of the campaign stars. Two feisty women; an alluring actress – a real Slavic beauty — Joanna Kulig and a sensual French model Jeanne Damas sing a cheeky song: “Baby, I wanna keep my reputation, I’m a sensation, You try me once, you’ll beg for more, oh”. What is more, this unquestionable dance hit will surely take everyone to the dancefloor and it has been a huge success in Europe – just like our lead stars.

The first chapter of the Reserved campaign “I Can Boogie / The Show”, as directed by Gordon Von Steiner, is a beautiful reminiscence of the 1970s, grand stages like in San Remo or Eurovision Song Contest. The times when female energy intertwined with passion and finesse, and a show on stage was meticulously rehearsed, at the same time giving room for improvisation. All those ideas permeate through the concept of Slavic feistiness or Parisian chic, embodied by Kulig and Damas. On screen, they are accompanied by a group of professional dancers performing elements of boogie-woogie dance. The director, who has cooperated with the biggest fashion brands (Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu), managed to capture the spirit of the 1970s and transfer the aesthetics of this decade to the screen. This is yet another production he has done with Reserved. In the spring of this year he revived the crazy 80s mood in the campaign of the brand featuring Cindy Crawford. The energetic “I Can Boogie” dance is the work of Richard Jackson who also choreographed the performances of Lady Gaga.

Enjoy the next chapters of the Reserved story. What will be the outcome of this boogie fun? We will find out soon. See the next chapter on 18 September. #ICanBoogie