Mohito Romantic Stories Look book AW’19


MOHITO launches the Autumn season with their new look book: ROMANTIC STORIES. The collection includes modern, trendy and nonchalant outfits twisted up with that rock’n’roll vibe, but it also does not lack classics, femininity, and focus on elegant style full of grace and everlasting chic.

MOHITO’s propositions for the upcoming season are full of feminine grace, eclecticism, and charm, and allow to swing freely among the current trends. Thus the brand’s autumnal collection will satisfy both recent trend lovers and admirers of the fashion classics. Romantic Stories Look book AW’19 is a city tale of a self-confident woman who can change her style whenever she wants.

This autumn we will reach for the evergreen elements of the rock’n’roll style with a vibe of the ’80s. The brand’s offer will not miss rocker jackets, vests and faux leather pants which, in the ultra-feminine cafe-au-lait culotte cut will suit hardy and self-confident ladies just perfectly. This season is a lucky strike for modern-retro explorers who will be given the opportunity to boldly match a shirt with a turtleneck sweater or choose a fine-checked midi-skirt. Those who opt rather for the universal solutions will go for a perfectly cut pair of jeans or cigarette pants and set them with an always-in-fashion blazer jacket, or for a chiffon dress with the beige coat which in result will give  a light and feminine look. A good share of attention needs to be drawn to the line of sweaters and shirts. For this season, brand’s designers prepared delicate sweaters and turtlenecks, as well as interesting, envelope-neck shirts – all just ideal to be tucked in pants or skirt. The choice of prints includes romantic, painterly flowers, as well as still-in-fashion animal patterns.

Colour range of this collection bases on warm and natural shades. Retro-style referring beiges and browns stand hand in hand with minimalist, elegant greys, denim blue, and black. This season would not survive without a few coloristic options of ladies’ favourite romantic pink.

The most interesting accessories of the upcoming season are bucket bags, round-heel pumps, ankle boots and boots with the animal pattern or decorative heel, as well as cowboy-boots’ variations. The fall will also bring to us the continuation of hip bags and large earrings. The autumnal collection will be dominated by denim, faux leather, chiffon, and viscose.