Mohito Rock&Dots



The preview of the new season in the MOHITO is a Rock&Dots collectionin a rock climate, focusing on two strong colour accents – red and black. It is these colours, combinedwith the characteristicdots,that became the inspiration for the brand’s early spring proposals.

The early spring in MOHITO means an energetic red, perfect to go with everyday styles. The brand’s designers used it to create distinctive total looks. In the Lookbook, one will find red in a perfectly tailored  suit or in interesting, feminine dresses. Because black is the best companion of red, in early spring this combination will hit the spot. So, when looking for spring outfits, consider choosing  the black Ramones style jacket or heavy ankle boots for a slightly grunge style, which will be an interesting contrast to feminine, romantic flounces. Speaking of total looks, also the black ones may be an good choice for the coming weeks. This season at MOHITO, one will find black trousers and skirts, both made of artificial leather, pencil dresses and irreplaceable, elegant shirts.

A pattern definitely worth paying attention to in the upcoming season will be polka dots in various sizes. MOHITO designers havechosen to make them black and white, enabling them to be combined with timeless black and invigorating red. This season, you will find polka dots on chiffon shirts, flimsy dresses and charming accessories. Combining them together, you will achieve a very  original look.

Early spring cannot do without warm and soft sweaters. MOHITO constantly encourages to celebrate femininity and offers a beautiful, feminine sweater in a shade of powder pink, decorated with chunky flounces – a perfect model to combine with rocker trousers made of artificial leather.

Accessories worth paying attention to in the coming season are hip packs, belts with distinctive buckles, loafers and hair ornaments that women love. Zips and rivets on trousers, dresses, skirts and shirts are noteworthy details.