MOHITO celebrates femininity in its brand new campaign autumn/winter 2018


For last ten years MOHITO has been dressing women who love fashion and admire non-cliché urban elegance. MOHITO celebrates this decennial anniversary by highlighting the importance of women’s strength with a question: What does the femininity mean to you?

Production team of the campaign #celebratefemininity consisted of Mateusz Stankiewicz, a photographer who took the first photo shoot in the history of MOHITO in 2009, who worked hand in hand with the stylist Alicja Werniewicz and choreographer Pat Bogusławski. Their joint experience and mixture of their temperaments resulted in an energetic campaign which took place in an unquestionable fashion capital – London.

This fall MOHITO takes us for a ride around the city in which the newest trends blend and intertwine with unforced classics and tradition. This context was set a background for creating a collection oozing with strong patterns and bold textures, yet full of all-time-classics, which allows every woman to find an outfit in which she would feel the strength of femininity.

AW18 campaign bases on winter Boho which is the strongest trend for this season with its characteristic print-blending, warm plaid materials and bold braid plaids, complemented with oversize sweaters and classic dresses.

Outfits based on layers complemented with sophisticated and carefully chosen accessories are a deal-maker of this season. All the outfits are not only elegant, but also comfortable. The trending set of colours in the colour range for this wave of trends consists of toned down black, grey and burgundy with sky shade of blue. This time subtle tones of pink can be found non-obviously set with corduroy. The collection does not lack the characteristic shine on floral patterns, interesting draped elements or romantic Boho style flounces.

Accessories in form of large adorned earrings, belts with geometrical buckle, handbags with circle or fur details and burgundy boots with draped upper make a very important complement for each of the outfits from the collection and beyond.