Care message in the Sprandi campaign

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Care message in the Sprandi campaign


In this uncertain times, we draw strength from within. While caring for mental balance, we can help ourselves and the others. The Take Care campaign by Sprandi encourages you to take care of your immediate surroundings. And what does Take Care mean to you?


Until recently, the slogan “Take Care” represented the Sprandi brand campaign for the spring-summer 2022 season referred primarily to self-care methods that allow you to find a moment of respite in the everyday hustle and bustle.


Today these words sound more actual than ever before. Today we have to take care of ourselves to be able to take care of others. The stronger we are, the more we can. Only calm, persistent and reconciled with ourselves will we be able to extend a helping hand to others. Caring for harmony, mental condition and health has never been so crucial.


In the coming days, on the Sprandi and CCC profiles in social media, we will find a series of tips and rituals on how to find yourself in today’s situation. By indulging in these small pleasures, we build foundations for a fulfilled “me”.


The Sprandi Take Care campaign features stars of the world format: the idol of the Z generation Finn Wolfhard known from the series “Stranger Things”, legendary actor Kyle MacLachlan and Amber Valletta, a supermodel from the 90s, today involved in environmental activities. In the photos, they wear clothes and accessories from the spring-summer 2022 collection: soft tracksuits, athleisure sets and retro sneakers.


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