Boho avant-garde autumn lookbook by Reserved


Boho, bourgeois elegance and bon ton chic. These are the leitmotifs of the autumn Reserved collection. It’s time to make amends with your old friend… nonchalance.

The autumn Reserved collection is an ode to the style of artistic bohemian dressing from the early 20th century, but vamped up with a modern cut and sport accessories. This makes the designs multidimensional, inspired by different aesthetics. The patterns refer to the retro style, fabrics to the nomad clothing and cuts to the style of young bourgeoisie. All with a hint of nostalgia. But don’t let anyone be fooled by the romantic atmosphere of the collection. The Reserved designers, through their tricks adopted straight from workwear, have made the collection fully functional at the same time. This mix makes each element of the collection unique and will give an original touch to the autumn wardrobe.

The women’s line was designed in three main conventions. Dominant silhouettes in the historical style are: satin dresses, pieces with the length below the knee with buffer sleeves and dresses with embroidery and orifice. All in an Edwardian-style mood. On the other hand, attention is drawn to the richly decorated dresses and skirts in a bohemian climate. The pattern on the maxi-length dresses is reminiscent of the 1950s wallpaper, while the shorter chiffon pieces have a floral one. Retro character of the whole is broken by avantgarde designs such as lacquered trench coats, kimono jackets or oversize turtleneck. The cut that binds all tendencies is a short evening down jacket in floral print.

In the men’s autumn Reserved collection “the nobleman meets the engineer”. The result is an eclectic mix of elegant and practical clothes. The prevailing styles are checkered chesterfield coats, shackets (inspired by the cut of a shirt), oversize herringbone coats and long, knitted scarves (cigarette tailored pants, jackets and printed sweaters are also a strong point). Military waistcoats inspired by working clothes, oversize denim shirts, and sports, crushed jackets also play an important role. These utilitarian (plenty of pockets) cuts often interplay with the chic ones, creating interesting, original sets. Thanks to such combinations they become very universal – fulfilling their functions on various occasions, 24 hours a day. A characteristic feature is also a noble, subdued colour scheme, in which grays, bottle green, navy blue and burgundy predominate.

The same convention was applied in the advertising campaign photographed by Mateusz Stankiewicz. The female and male models posing in the interiors of Art Nouveau palaces bring to mind the times of fashion savoirr-vivre. But the somewhat off, pragmatic vibe makes the photos thoroughly modern at the same time. Just like the Reserved woman and man, to whom the collection is dedicated.