The 2017 spring collection of Triumph comes at The Mall with the first concept store in Bulgaria

Its name is Triumph Tailoresse and will be opened at The Mall only a few days before St. Valentine’s Day – on February 10. All ladies would have the opportunity to receive exceptional professional advice about which models and sizes fit perfectly their figures and meet their taste and lifestyle. On the occasion of the opening of the new store all brand admirers will enjoy a special discount of 20% in the first three days.

With the new concept boutique comes the spring collection of the brand. It face is the model Jessica Hartand and the campaign is shot by Rankin – one of the best fashion photographers in the world.

The name of the global campaign is “Find one for each of you.” Indeed, Triumph perfectly understands that each one of us is hiding several images. The mother, the worker, the girl who lives an active life and loves comfort, the seductress…

Each needs its arsenal of underwear. Tempting or providing comfort during sport, the whole range of styles is present in this new collection of the brand.

For ladies of any age, for any occasion, for every figure with its size and specific curves, Triumph is where we find “the one.” Here are the iconic, feminine bra Amourette 300, the innovative Magic Boost with push-up effect and sports models with the latest technology Triaction.