We will just go buy presents

Ah, Christmas… Truly the most magical time of the year. But how are you supposed to find the perfect gifts for so many people? Family, friends, colleagues – it’s impossible to keep everyone happy, isn’t it? You think of The Mall. As soon as you walk in, you check 2-3 names off the list. Your […]


The Mall Black Friday

You tell yourself you’re going to walk through The Mall just to see the available discounts, and quite “unwillingly” you find yourself with several bags in your hands. Rest assured, shopping is totally justified when your favourite brands are offering up to -70% off! To give you a chance to grab everything that catches your […]


I’ll just go buy a greeting card

Your best friend’s birthday is coming up soon, and last week you managed to walk through The Mall to pick up the perfect gift that you were lucky enough to find in the first hour. Today, you came to The mall again to watch the movie you’ve been waiting to come out on the big […]


“I’ll just pass by the bank”

Those papers you thought you had to sign at the bank? They are not for today, you got the date wrong. Just when you think you went to The Mall for nothing, you see it. The dress. The one you haven’t stopped thinking about since last month. At half price. Good thing you came to Тhe Мall, […]


Lunafest at The Mall

The time for fun outdoors has come! We invite you to Lunafest – amusement park and beer festival in one. We expect you in the parking lot of The Mall every day from 10 am to 10 pm until July 10. At Lunafest The Mall you will find a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, inflatable trampolines, […]


“I’ll just wash the car”

If he tells you that he is tired of taking the car to the car wash in The Mall, don’t get caught – he has a great time with a cup of coffee or going shopping for summer items. This year we will pay special attention to the moments we go to The Mall to complete one […]


Days dedicated to Astrology from April 29th until May 1st

If you are excited about astrology, we have great news for you! From 29 April to 1 May from 12:00 until 19:00. The Mall will become the most stellar place for astrology lovers! We will prepare a special corner on the 1st floor, where you will be able to meet professional astrologers and talk to […]


“I’ll just pick up dinner”

We say to ourselves “I’ll just pick up dinner from The Mall” (and we even believe in what we say!) and come back home with a new dress, shoes, bag, cosmetics … Then we feel a little bit guilty, but won’t we feel even guiltier if we miss the items from the new spring collections […]


As of February 24, customers are not required to display green certificate when entering The Mall

As of February 24, customers are not required to display green certificate when entering The Mall, while anti-epidemic measures to keep distance and use masks remain in effect. In accordance with the order of the Minister of Health of 22.02.2022 for employees working in The Mall, the requirements for a green certificate continue to apply. […]


The Mall welcomes PAW PATROL!

Is your child a PAW PATROL fan? We have great news! Every day from February 17 to March 6 in The Mall on level -2 all kids will have the opportunity to dive into the world of the most famous rescue team – PAW PATROL! Here is what we have prepared: – Six themed corners dedicated to […]


Winter Sales

Shopping is most enjoyable when: is shared has a reduction of up to -70%. We invite you for a walk through your favorite corridors and shops, combined with a visit to a favorite cafe, restaurant, or watching a favorite movie on the big screen, relaxing on a comfortable recliner (more comfortable than the sofa at […]


The most wonderful time of the year

The happiest holidays of the year are coming, which we are looking forward to from the moment we decorate the Christmas tree. Celebrate this Christmas with your loved ones and in your favorite place with lots of smiles, festive mood and of course – unforgettable gifts that you can find in The Mall.