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We present you “Takeover The Mall” – a fan meeting with Muccy and Yoan-Petar!

Two of the most successful influencers in social networks – Martin Svetoslavov – Muccy and Yoan-Petar, will be our guests on February 25 (Sunday) at 15:00 for a special event! You will have the opportunity to meet them, take pictures, get an autograph, have fun together, learn more about their latest projects, such as the […]


Farmers’ Market at The Mall

Two consecutive weekends, we are waiting for you at the well-known Farmer’s Market for enjoying the senses and chatting the soul! You will find it on 17-18.02 and also on 24- 25.02 at level -2 in The Mall!


„Пазаръ“ again at The Mall

Home comfort is easier to maintain with the craft collections of food and craft delights from „Пазаръ“! Come this weekend at The Mall to pamper the senses on level -2 in the corridor between Onda and JYSK.


Wine Exhibition ‘In Love with Wine’

If you also think that wine is art worthy of a gallery, come to the wine exhibition “In Love with Wine” on 10th and 11th of February at The Mall from 12:00 to 22:00 оn level -2. Meet the representatives of 15 wineries and get acquainted with different varieties of Bulgarian wines. Lovers of sweet […]


Farmers’ Market at The Mall

The Farmers’ Market welcomes you to The Mall for the first time this year! Indulge in a weekend filled with craft collections of favorite delicacies and handmade creations, the perfect addition to every gift! New location! You will find it at level -2 in the corridor from ONDA to JYSK from 20.01 to 21.01!


Fan meeting with the Rogglevi family!

Meet your favorite TikTok family at The Mall! Come on January 20 at 3 pm at lev el -2 and be on time because a special giveaway awaits you at the beginning of the program! You will find out interesting facts and stories about the Rogglevi family! They will also tell you their path to […]


Christmas events at the mall

Cancel your trip to Lapland, because this year Santa Claus and the festive spirit are taking over The Mall! We have prepared for you a program of entertainment that is not to be missed! We start on 1.12. to 17.12. with the Magic Forest, where you can embark on an exciting adventure through the depths […]


ПАЗАРЪ of foods and crafts at The Mall

ПАЗАРЪ of foods and crafts is back at The Mall for Christmas edition! All creations are made in Bulgaria and bring coziness ant smell of cinnamon. Load up on gift ideas and feed your senses at level -2!


“Just to get something sweet”

Do you know what it’s like to be in the “honeymoon phase”? You enjoy everything you do together. Even things that you used to see as obligations are now filled with tenderness. And now that we are about to spend our first Christmas together, buying gifts is just as exciting as the Holiday. A sweater […]


‘Invisible Sofia’ exhibition at The Mall

Experience a visual walk around the architectural heritage of Sofia with the “Invisible Sofia” exhibition. The photos capture the grace of iconic buildings built since the Liberation of Bulgaria until the Second World War, as well as the mysterious beauty hidden in the small streets of Sofia. The exhibition is made possible thanks to ‘The […]


ПАЗАРЪ of Foods and Crafts at The Mall

ПАЗАРЪ of foods and crafts is back at The Mall for 2 consecutive weekends this month! You will have the chance to try the taste of products, made with love in Bulgaria! Come and enjoy culinary masterpieces and artisanal creations. We are waiting for you!

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Donate clothes and textile at The Mall from 10th till 12th of November

Join us for more sustainable future! From 10th till 12th of November you can donate your old clothes and textile and our friends from BRC and Texlife will make sure they reach the people who need them or recycle them. At the ev ent, you will have the opportunity to transform your wardrobe favourites that […]