Farmers Market at The Mall

Fresh fruit and vegetables specially selected for you? Yes! Farmers have once again brought temptations from near and far, waiting for you at The Mall from 11.05 to 12.05! Come and see, taste, and repeat on level -2 in The Mall!

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Sip and Paint at The Mall

Do you dream of being a part of the incredible world of Van Gogh? Do you want to immerse yourself in the world of art? Do you like wine? If you said 3 times “yes”, then this event is for you! On May 11th, come to The Mall to challenge the artist in you! At […]

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And he said he was coming home

Have you ever sent your bae shopping? And then how many of the things were from the shopping list? You can’t blame him, variety always fills the basket to the top. He goes to get the clothes from the dry cleaners, but in the meantime he decides to wash the car and get a shirt […]

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Lunafest at The Mall

We know what’s like to go to Lunafest and not be able to choose which ride to start with! That becomes a difficult task at the open parking lot of The Mall, where you’ll find the best attractions, suitable for everyone! You can enjoy carousels and lose the idea of gravity, a speed train, after […]


Farmers’ Market at The Mall

Food as art, art as food, and art in the form of craft works on all topics awaits you at the Farmers’ Market from 20.04 to 21.04 and from 27.04 to 28.04! Part of the culinary delights are freshly baked Easter breads, many delicacies for the upcoming holidays, and additions to them such as wine, […]

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Weekend of beauty at The Mall

Beauty is your individuality and makeup is the art that complements it! You are welcome to become part of the magic that makeup artists will create at our event on 27 and 28 April with products from alverde, NATURKOSMETIK, s-he colour & style, and trend !t up, provided by our partners from dm! To capture […]


MEGDANA Fest at The Mall

Megdana Fest: the event that will make you proud! Welcome to The Mall from 18 to 19 May to experience Bulgarian works of art by local designers and artists and learn more about their inspirations! You will find unique fashion finds ready to take their place of honor in your wardrobe. See you in the […]

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Super meeting in The Mall

9 of the most beloved heroes are going in with a bang at the The Mall, where you can discover them from March 27 to April 16! In the fighting ready, at various locations around the mall, await you figures Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Thor, Hulk, Rocket Racoon, The Black Panther, Iron Man and Captain […]

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Robotics Day for Children at The Mall

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in the impressive world of robots! We invite all robo enthusiasts aged between 4-12 years to our robotics workshop on March 23, level -2, organized in cooperation with MRT ROBOTICS Bulgaria. During the event you will assemble your own robot, program it on Scratch Jr. and participate in a race […]


Farmers’ Market: A Taste You Go Back to

The thirst for quality products never stops, and visiting the Farmers’ Market makes it even stronger! Come to the Farmers’ Market on 09.03 and 10.03 and enjoy a taste you will want to try again! We are waiting for you at level -2 in The Mall!

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Workouts and tips for pregnant women and mothers in The Mall

On 24.03 at The Mall, in partnership with Next Level Fitness, we invite you to participate in workout for pregnant and young mothers, where the secrets of quickly getting in shape after giving birth, will be revealed! You can join one of our two workshop groups, each of which is led by Elizabeth Stoyanova – […]

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“Otherwise she’s always in a hurry”

Quick coffee. Fast food. The shortest route to the desired destination. And somehow you never have enough time. The clock is in a speedy race with the endless to-do list during the day. They say time is the most valuable resource. That’s only if you use it correctly. And the time set aside just for […]