We will just go buy presents

Ah, Christmas…

Truly the most magical time of the year. But how are you supposed to find the perfect gifts for so many people? Family, friends, colleagues – it’s impossible to keep everyone happy, isn’t it?

You think of The Mall. As soon as you walk in, you check 2-3 names off the list. Your eyes lead you to the attractively dressed mannequins behind the windows. You grab something for yourself. Your nose leads you to the aromatic coffee of @Coffero a floor below. Order one, you need the energy after all. That friend you had a fight with? You weren’t going to get her anything, but with such variety, how could you not buy her a get well gift?

While you’re paying at the checkout, you see people across the street eating something appetizing. Where did they get it? Go check it out. You don’t have time to cook from all that shopping, but with The Mall, luck is on your side.

It doesn’t matter what names are on your gift list. You’ll find everything you need here, and Hrisopack will wrap it up beautifully so you don’t have to worry about that either. And on your way out, why not take a quick walk through Christmas Town for 2-3 laps on the ice rink?

#TheMall #SoMuchToFind