“I’ll just wash the car”

If he tells you that he is tired of taking the car to the car wash in The Mall, don’t get caught – he has a great time with a cup of coffee or going shopping for summer items.

This year we will pay special attention to the moments we go to The Mall to complete one or two tasks, but it occurs to us that:

  • while we make them, we can pamper ourselves with something sweet;
  • we could catch a movie at Kino Arena;
  • we need new shoes;
  • we don’t have food for dinner, so we can eat with friends in our favorite restaurant on the food court.

The Mall is the place where for just a couple of hours in the afternoon you can combine going to the gym with a hairdresser, laser hair removal, shopping, cinema, drinking coffee, eating in restaurants and much more. So don’t you lie that you will only pass by The Mall for a short time.

We give you a great opportunity to visit us and spend time in The Mall – the new summer collections are already here.

#TheMall #SoMuchToDo