“Otherwise she’s always in a hurry”

Quick coffee. Fast food. The shortest route to the desired destination. And somehow you never have enough time. The clock is in a speedy race with the endless to-do list during the day. They say time is the most valuable resource. That’s only if you use it correctly. And the time set aside just for you is a priceless pleasure. Amidst all this whirlwind of tasks and places you are always rushing to. Don’t make big plans, that’s the charm of the “me time” ritual. Today is just such a day – for you. Peace of mind without horns and deadlines.

Your feet take you to The Mall. Gianni, Deichamann, Humanic – you start with shoes and bags, of course. High heels for the party on the weekend, comfortable sneakers for walks in the park with your boo, stylish moccasins for the office… the choice is so great, and you just can’t resist the temptation. And when you add a matching bag to them, your look is already complete.

Then slowly the tour continues for the new collections at H&M, Mango and Dika. For splendor – a new jewel from Bijou Brigitte. In the break between shops, you indulge yourself – manicure, hot cappuccino, chocolate dessert. Favorite with even more favorite activities take turns. However, you are not in a hurry – today, because there is so much for you at The Mall!