Lunafest at The Mall

We know what’s like to go to Lunafest and not be able to choose which ride to start with! That becomes a difficult task at the open parking lot of The Mall, where you’ll find the best attractions, suitable for everyone! You can enjoy carousels and lose the idea of gravity, a speed train, after which everything will seem very slow, a house of horrors to watch your friends’ scared reactions, a Ferris wheel to slow down a bit, and many more fun activities! Fortunately for you, from April 27th till June 16th you will have time to try them as many times as you like! We recommend that you come on an empty stomach and without a car to enjoy our street food temptations and beer. Feel the energy of the amusement park at 100%! We are waiting for you every day from 10:00 to 22:00!