I’ll Just Pass by the Dry Cleaner

Brand new blazer, but you already have a stain on it. At least the shrimps that caused it were worth it. It’s clear – you have to go to the dry cleaner at The Mall. You arrived at the shopping center and at that time you remember that it is Friday! Wait a minute, you are invited to birthday party tonight!

First, let’s buy a present. A close friend who has everything… But there’s something that always makes her happy, – new bag for her collection. After a quick tour, you find the perfect one at Hugo Boss. That task is ticked off.

Talking about collections, you think about your passion for shoes. It’s a new season after all, time for update. Kind consultants at Humanic help you to choose a new pair and this mission is completed. The new shoes will fit perfectly with your suit for the office as well as the glamorous outfit you have prepared for tonight.

You are happy with this development of the situation and the stain on your blazer doesn’t bother you so much. You give it to the experts at the dry cleaner and you can enjoy the rest of the day. You just decide to leave The Mall and at that moment you saw a gorgeous armchair in the Jysk shop window. It will fit perfectly in your new living room.

Well, it’s time to go home and get ready for tonight. You are happy that you managed to finish all your tasks at The Mall, where the time flies because there’s so much to do.