“I’ll just pass by the bank”

Those papers you thought you had to sign at the bank? They are not for today, you got the date wrong. Just when you think you went to The Mall for nothing, you see it. The dress. The one you haven’t stopped thinking about since last month. At half price. Good thing you came to Тhe Мall, right?

Great, you have a new dress. What shoes will go with it? Not a pair of the ones you already have? You are in the right place, take a look in the stores.

While searching for the perfect pair of sandals, you get hungry. You can grab a quick bite at the food court.

It is right next to the cinema. You see the poster of the movie you wanted to watch. You still have 2 hours, get a ticket.

At The Mall, this is not an isolated incident, but natural behavior. With so many options in one place, who wouldn’t take advantage?

Whatever your reason for coming, feel invited to check out our summer sales.