I’ll just grab something to eat


You have nothing tasty at home, but The Mall is nearby. You have 3 escalators to get to your dream lunch, and on the second one you’ve already come up with at least 4 new outfits from the windows. We’re not gonna lie, you’ve got an eye for fashion.

You order your favorite New York pizza at Pizza Lab. Thank God things happen fast there, because you can’t wait for the colorful HUGO jumpsuit you saw downstairs. Right after the last bite you run back downstairs to try it on.

As per usual, you look gorgeous. But not without a handbag. What color should you pair with the jumpsuit? Scandal’s stylish selection is sure to answer that question for you. You’re ready.

On your way out, you see the Farmer’s Market and remember that you’re visiting your parents soon. Get them something, you won’t walk away empty handed. Yes, it was more than lunch, but that’s par for The Mall where there’s always so much to do.