I’ll just go buy a greeting card

Your best friend’s birthday is coming up soon, and last week you managed to walk through The Mall to pick up the perfect gift that you were lucky enough to find in the first hour. Today, you came to The mall again to watch the movie you’ve been waiting to come out on the big screen all month, and at the last minute, you realized you forgot to pick up a card for your friend because the party is tonight. You remember that last time you were at The Mall, you saw some interesting cards, why don’t you go check and see if they offer them yet?

Super, they still have them! You choose the one with the deer, it’s her favorite animal after all. What would you write inside? You don’t have a wish yet. Take a stroll past the windows of the neighbouring shops and you’re sure to be inspired.

One pair of shoes, a new pair of trousers and a chic green bag, later you’ve got the perfect words to write in the card. On top of that, you have an amazing new outfit. An outfit worthy of a movie premiere. Like the one at the latest blockbuster at the Arena Cinema, which starts in a few minutes? Run up the escalator before the popcorn runs out!

You don’t have to have the most dynamic life for something like this to happen to you. Just come to The Mall.

No matter why you’re coming, you can take advantage of our special offers.
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