Astrology Days at The Mall

From March 8 to March 12, on the occasion of Women’s Day, we invite you to our favorite event “Days of Astrology”, organized by the magazine. ELLE and The Mall. Due to the overwhelming interest in the previous two editions, this year the event will last for 5 whole days!
You’ll hear the latest predictions from professionals in the field and get a free personal horoscope to find out more about yourself and the topics that interest you. The year is going to be emotional and passionate, but also filled with many question marks. We’re sure you’re excited about what’s to come too!

If you immediately think of at least a few questions you’d like to ask, remember them and join the Astrology Days event from March 8 to March 12 at The Mall. You will be welcomed on floor 1 from 12 to 7 pm and invited with a glass of aromatic wine to make you feel even more enjoyable from the start!

Book an appointment for your individual session with one of our 6 professional astrologers, members of the Ivan Stanchev Astrologers’ Union – Gina Vassileva, Elena Arsova, Desi Mikulasheva, Petya Argilova, Veneta Perelova and Petya Alexeeva. In order for a personal forecast to be made, remember that you will need to know the day, time and place of your birth.

Appointments are made only on the spot!

Stay until the very end, because each of the three days will feature open lectures in which the astrologers will present in detail three current topics:

March 10, Friday/18h.


March 11, Saturday / 3pm: Topic: “Venus Retrograde”


March 12, Sunday/ 3pm: Topic: “The Moon – the magic to make your dreams come true”


The spiritual energy of the event will be taken care of by a guest-artist who will welcome the guests in his Henna Painting Studio. You will learn about the two stylistic directions – Indian and Arabic, as well as the deep connection of henna ritual practices and the messages of femininity, purification and protection that this ancient and so subtle art weaves.

In addition to the individual horoscopes, guests will be able to have fun participating in the big raffle on site, as well as in the two prepared thematic games – “Wheel of Fortune” and “Zodiac Cards”. Relying on their astrological knowledge and a dose of their luck, every participant will have a chance to win one of the partner prizes!

A raffle with great prizes will be waiting for you on site. What will they be – keep an eye on the event and all the news around it 😊

The Mall and magazine. ELLE are waiting for you from March 8 to March 12 between 12 and 7 pm on floor 1.

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