TIMEOUT brand was founded in California in 1992 by a group of young designers, committed to offer fashion line corresponding to the optimistic way of life and the unique spirit of freedom in California.
From the outset, the goal is the same: positive and accessible brand, embodying the love of his life, the thirst to enjoy their free time and find your way to a reaction against the impersonal and busy schedules in today’s world; reaction against uniformity and impersonal style that fashion giant corporations unwittingly impose chasing scale of sales at the expense of originality and freedom of fashion trends.
All this is set in the brand name – TIMEOUT, as well as the motto Feel Alive – Rest, of which all have need of breath you can take and feel that life is a pleasure and every moment can we happy and a cause for celebration.

We believe that clothes should not be worn as a symbol of prestige. The true mark must be just synonymous with convenient and flashy clothing. Brand is fully committed to innovation and new styles and is in constant search of original designs, patterns and styles.
In other words, we have created TIMEOUT, to care for all, ready to live life to the fullest, surrounded by friends, love and happiness, tolerant of diversity and having enough faith in yourself to not wasting unnecessary effort letting his own ego.

After seeing that the idea for TIMEOUT and starting our collections found their recognition among fashion lovers with a similar philosophy of life, we boldly crossed the ocean and in 1995 introduced its brand in many European countries.
True to his original ideas TIMEOUT brand has become a growing global family of designers and friendly staff from all over the world, united by the common and unconditional dedication to our philosophy: I feel alive.

The leading philosophy of each TIMEOUT collection is deeply rooted in free spirit and love of life eternally young Californians.

Feel alive and live infinitely long summer sailing on the golden California beach or wandering around with friends – as you like.
Our clothes are for people who are looking for modern casual wear, rely on high quality and patterns that best fit their own bodies, and are not designed for supermodels.

Modern and liberal people who feel aged between 20 and 25 years old, although their actual age may be from 16 to 45

Each item in our collection is masterfully crafted with one goal – to become a favorite part of your wardrobe.
We will make sure that our shirt is always at the top of garederoba you … jeans, which normally never “sink” to take straight from the oven … A jacket is always “ready” restraint the chair you …
The basis of the collections we have planned timeless elements which, combined with the quality of that particular stick, give life to the garment long after the end of the season and make it independent of the fast disappearing trends.
The fabrics we use are mainly based on natural materials such as linen, cotton and wool. Synthetic materials can be only supplement, which can provide better vision of the garments.
Whether it is a shirt, sweater, jeans or jacket – attention to detail is equally high – the selection of fabric and pattern in pattern to sewing and finishing the garment – all to guarantee you the highest quality, maximum comfort and durability.
In an era of high technology, we still produce most of our prints, labels and other details of the old-fashioned way – by hand to add authenticity and originality.
Our biggest reward is to know that our creations are your favorite completed in the closet that you do not give up easily. We are proud with our precision cuts that fit perfectly, made especially for you ..

In order to increase the pleasure of shopping, we have built stores TIMEOUT with a new concept that allows you to fully enjoy and make their choice in a comfortable environment where our beloved and unobtrusive staff will help you find your next favorite garment.