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Scent of the East


A little known fact is that the true homeland of perfumes is not France but the Middle East. The perfume was brought to Europe during the Crusades and was initially used to conceal poor hygiene in aristocratic environments. In the ancient East, however, the perfume had a sacred character and, along with the noble metals, it gave expression to wellbeing, purity and beauty.

“Scent Of The East” is here to introduce you to the millennial traditions of the Middle East, to feel different and exotic scents that correspond to each individuality and character. Here you can find a wide range of over 300 fragrances in a wide price range. Our leading brands are Swiss Arabian, Al Haramain and Lattafa, which are the largest manufacturers of high quality scents, with factories in one of the richest countries in the world – United Arab Emirates. Every year, over 60 million perfumes are produced in these perfume factories and are exported to over 100 countries worldwide.

When we opened our stand at The Mall, we found out that in Bulgaria our perfumes have a lot of admirers. Until recently, these perfumes could only be purchased online from sites abroad, but you can now come to our stand in the heart of one of the most popular shopping malls in Sofia and let the scent take you to an exotic world.