Moda Italiana


Bulgarian leather items with European vision and quality.

MODA ITALIANA is a place, where you can find a big variety of ladies’ and men’s shoes and bags, belts and accessories for any occasion. The products are made in Bulgaria from high quality materials at very affordable prices. The products we offer are produced in Bulgaria in accordance with European requirements and quality standards, with the participation of Italian designers and technologists. All models and materials from which they are made are selected according to the latest fashion trends in Italy, France and other leading European countries, which define the trends in shoes and bags fashion. MODA ITALIANA monitors fashion trends and always offers up-to-date models and the latest items available on the market.

The shoes and bags MODA ITALIANA offers are made with state-of-the-art technology and natural materials, which contributes to their high quality and contemporary design. An important factor in winning customer trust is the continuous upgrading of products and the offering of up-to-date models tailored to the fashion trends entering the market.