Euphoria Jewels

Company “Eudemonia” Ltd. – through its special stand “Euphoria Jewels” presents the world-famous Italian brands: ZOPPINI, MAKUTI, MANUEL ZED, ZABLE. Advanced steel jewelry encrusted with diamonds.A beautiful and sophisticated world, where jewels are an important symbol. This is the world of “ZOPPINI Jewels”, where luxury is not ostentation, vanity, but a way to communicate through your own style, bold shapes, inspired by the East.

Coffee collection ZOPPINI is romantic and beautiful. Free falling beans follow body movements and leave coffee aroma around us.

MANUEL ZED is innovative, facing the younger fans of jewelry. Hearts, stars, moons, suns – this is the world of youth, full of hope and love.

ZABLE – Young, aggressive and provocative collection. Leather, metal and crystals in non-standard forms have smiles and good mood in store for all who want to feel trendy.

In the dynamic 21st century, in the age of fast cars, mobile data and relationships, the men world is no fun. Optional combination of rubber and diamonds in the unique collections “Black diamonds Speed” of ZOPPINI are a challenge towards the exquisite taste of modern man. Our jewels are an integral part of life for stars David Beckham, Tom Cruise, Paris Hilton, Penelope Cruz and can be found in prestigious galleries and boutiques in over 25 countries. Each jewel has an international quality assurance.

Exclusive representative of four marks for Bulgaria is “Eudemonia” LTD.

Beautiful collections of ZOPPINI, MAKUTI, MANUEL ZED, ZABLE can be found at TheMall, fl. 1 and at authorized stores nationwide.