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In 1920 the Swedish merchant Hjalmar Blomkvist opened a store for glass, porcelain and kitchenware in the Swedish town of Linköping. The initial steps towards what would become Duka were taken! Hjalmar Blomkvist was successful and continued to open more stores in other cities in Sweden. When Hjalmar retired he sold his growing company, and with the new owner, the company expanded. In 1962, Hjalmar Blomkvist´s old company joined 16 other glass and porcelain dealers and together they formed Duka. The company invested and developed a steadily growing range of Duka products – some of which are still sold today. Duka became a company recognized for good service and quality all over Sweden and a strong Scandinavian brand began to take shape. Today the work continues in the spirit of the founders and we always do our utmost to maintain the values that once created Duka and have guided us through the decades.