Parking fees
  • Еvery day of the week (working days and weekend)
  • Up to 2 hours stay – free of charge;
  • From 2 hours (commenced 3rd hour) up to 6 hours stay – 2 (two) BGN, VAT included;
  • From 6 hours (commenced 7th hour) up to 9 hours stay – 3 (three) BGN, VAT included;
  • For every commenced hour after the 9th hour – 3 (three) BGN/hour, VAT included;
  • Maximum uninterrupted stay: 48 hours;

Official parking rules

For clients of Arena Cinema
  • Еvery day of the week (working days and weekend)
  • Up to 4 hours stay – free of charge;
  • From 4 hours up to 8 hours stay (commenced 5th hour) – 2 (two) BGN, VAT included;
  • For every commenced hour after the 8th hour – 2 (two) BGN/hour, VAT included;
  • Maximum uninterrupted stay: 48 hours;

Official parking rules


  • Every Day
  • from 10:00 to 22:00
  • tel. +359 700 35 909


2 Fit
  • Every day
  • from 10:00 to 22:00
  • tel. +359 879 222 208


  • Every day
  • from 10:00 to 01:00
  • tel. +359 2 878 7956

At The Mall you can find:

  • services_logo_toilets
  • services_logo_accessable_toilets
    Toilets for disabled people
  • services_logo_childcare
    Rooms for mothers with children
  • services_logo_parking_small
  • services_logo_accessable_parking
    Parking for people with disabilities
  • services_logo_taxi
    Taxi services

    Once you are done shopping at The Mall, you can travel quickly and easily everywhere by taxi with our partners Eurolease. The taxi stand is located at the main entrance of The Mall. You can order a car on +359 (0) 2 91 888 or online at

  • services_logo_elevator
    Escalator and elevator across all floors
  • services_logo_accessable_envoirment
    Provided accessible environment
  • services_logo_atms
    ATMs and banks

    A wide selection of banks and ATMS are available at The Mall, including: DSK, Fibank, Postbank, Piraeus Bank and Unicredit Bulbank. Please call or visit Infodesk The Mall for more information and locations.

  • services_logo_change_small
    Exchange office
  • services_logo_electromobiles
    Electric charging stations
  • services_logo_wifi
    Wireless Internet

    At TheMall, you can take advantage of the WiFi network, covering the whole area of The Mall that allows you to browse the internet for free from anywhere. You can reserve last minute tickets for a desired movie or connect with friends and organize a meeting at TheMall. You are welcome!

  • Car Wash
    Car Wash

    At The Mall you are welcome to clean and wash your car or van at the vehicle care center Fresh.
    The high quality of the services we provide is thanks to our well-trained personnel and the high-quality products we use.
    We offer a thorough cleaning as well as many additional services for your vehicle.
    The car wash is located on level -3.

  • Spark your electric drive
    Spark your electric drive

    You can rent an electric car via your mobile phone using the mobile app Spark – your electric drive (Android or iOs). The electric cars are parked at the charging stations at The Mall’s main entrance or at parking level -1. For more information visit or call: +359 2 419 3476.

Exchange office



TAVEX has one of the largest lists of different currencies. Sale of investment gold and silver. Express money transfers between Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia and Bulgaria.

tel: +359 2 98 88 666, +359 2 495 24 02


Electric charging stations



Having installed 4 charging stations for electric vehicles, The Mall is becoming a major point of the Eldrive network – a service designed to promote electromobility in Bulgaria. The charging stations are installed both on the wall and on the ground, as total electric output is 4 x 22 kW. In order to charge your car, you need an RFID card which you can get at The Mall or at the charging stations. The service is free until November for the entire network of Eldrive. After that you will need to register your card in the system to continue to use the stations.


Shared mobility with e-cars



Spark is an innovative service, providing a new concept for urban mobility. The mobile app “ Spark – your electric drive “ allows you to rent an electric vehicle with a few clicks on your mobile phone, as the cars can be taken or left at the marked in the interactive map zones. Additionally every new user receives 10 BGN coupon ( ~ 35 min. ). Besides the fact the mobile app shows the nearest available vehicle, you can see also the remaining battery range, which helps in the choice of the specific vehicle. One of the main advantages is that the cars can park for free in the city center as also on all partner locations. The Mall is a key partner of the service, providing also the option to charge the cars at one of the 4 charging points on the territory of the facility, where usually you can find the Spark vehicles. Access to the parking zone is provided by a plastic card, which can be found in the documents of the cars. For more information please visit
The app is available for Android и iOS