Enjoy the unique Mexican flavour in Menudo Mexican Grill.
You can try the traditional burrito, tacos, quesadilla, as well as the crispy nachos topped with melted cheddar cheese.

The food


We produce our food with simple raw ingredients coming everyday from local stores. Our products contain a perfect mix between high guality proteins ( beef, pork, chicken) and lean complex carbohydrates such as rice, beans and vegetables.

Best quality
We take the time to choose the best meat and vegetables to perfectly mix with our exotic Mexican ingredients and create a perfect combination.


The flavour in our food perfectly reflects all the hours and care taken by our chefs every day.


All our food is carefully prepared every morning with fresh ingredients by our chefs.
We don’t keep any secrets to ourselves, it is all about our fresh and healthy ingredients that come from local stores every day to keep the flavour and integrity of our products.


We guarantee the satisfaction of our customers!